An Italian love story – and not just for one night.

The lake – also called Benaco – with an area of 370 square kilometers, is the largest lake in Italy. It is located between Lombardy (Province of Brescia), Veneto (Province of Verona) and Trentino (Province of Trento), and it is bordered by two roads leading along it: the “Western Gardesana” and the “Eastern Gardesana”. It is a very attractive tourist destination for the variety of sports it offers, both in water and on land. Because of the thermal winds that blow all year round on the Lake, it is an interesting place especially for kitesurfing.


Our school is located directly on the lake with an adjacent parking at the port of Tignale (BS). The entrance is not very clear and is placed on the west side of Lake Garda.


At the time of arrival, please contact one of our instructors, who will accompain you to the preparation area. If you have your own equipment, you can set it up in the designated area and get ready for the boat launch. You have to make sure to attach the bar to the kite before going out with the support boat to make the launching procedure safe and fast and be able to enjoy the wind until the very end. The beach bar offers an excellent dining spot and an area dedicated to relaxing under the sun.



Coming from south on the Brescia side, pass Gargnano and cross the village of Tignale along the coast for about 1 km in direction of Limone.

You will find a tunnel with a signpost for the port of Tignale; Just at the end of the tunnel take a very narrow turn that enters the Port (It is advisable to continue for 10m and make U-turn just outside the tunnel to get a better entry to the harbor). You can also park along the road near the lemon grove.

Coming from north, pass Limone and continue for about 12 kilometers until you enter the tunnel of Tignale, where you will immediately find the entrance to the port on the left.

The parking is quite tight but the satisfaction and excitement of being here will allow you to place your car even in the narrowest space.

Adrenalins-Instruktor startet Kite vom Boot aus am Gardasee
gardasee staff instruktoren kitesurfing


Lake Garda does not offer optimal conditions for kitesurfing for what concerns taking-off and landing from the beach, but wind conditions are technically excellent. We know how to interpret the wind forecasts for you and we are able to read the movements of the lake.

Generally, there are two winds on Lake Garda.


… on one hand the Peler, a constant wind that is the basic feature of Lake Garda. It blows from north and extends its way across the lake, especially at the top and in the middle of the lake. The Peler blows from early morning (2: 00-3: 00) until about lunch time (11: 00-12: 00) and gets stronger after dawn with the rising of temperatures. Especially in the central part of Lake Garda, it can be very strong and can reach intensity up to 15 m / s with medium waves. Therefore, many kiters come to us to start sailing early at dawn.


On the other hand, there is the Ora – a light breeze, coming from the Po Valley, which awakens after the Pelér falls asleep and lasts until the late afternoon. It affects, among other things, the middle and upper Lake Garda, which reaches through the surrounding mountains by the lake a special speed through the “effetto venturi”. The lower part of Lake Garda is not very affected during the summer months. Weaker than the Pelér, it reaches a speed of 5-6 m / sec. In the summer months, in which it is a bit stronger, he reaches speeds of up to 12 m / sec.

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