Bright prospects in summer and winter time.

Lake Resia is an artificial reservoir in the municipality of Curon, Western Adige. The lake extends for 6 km and it is about one kilometer wide at the widest point with a water flow of 120 million cubic meters. The famous reservoir on the Passo Resia, from whose center stands the church bell tower, is the mecca for the kiters of the region with optimal wind conditions almost every day. Both in summer and winter, the lake is a popular destination for addicted to sports such as mountain climbing, mountain biking, skiing, trekking, sailing – and the list is still long. Concerning kiters, however, Lake Resia is a place that attracts many athletes from afar too. A small tour on Lake Resia is worth it anyway.



The Snowkite spot in winter is made up of the entire area of ​​the municipality of Resia below Lake Haider, depending on the glaciation level.

Mainly though, the kite is practiced in the region of Resia.


The Lake Resia area in summer is a paradise for kites. On a lawn that is close to the size of a soccer field, you can prepare your kite safely and without stress as well as take off and land. The nearby course area also offers extensive areas for piloting on the ground undisturbed, safe and concentrated.

At the time of arrival, please contact one of our instructors, who will accompain you to the preparation area. If you have your own equipment, you can set it up in the designated area. You need to make sure that the kite is properly connected to the bar. The meeting takes often place around 10:00.

From 12:00 to 14:00 shops are closed, so snacks and drinks are to be brought from home.


Coming from north, cross the village of Curon for about 500 meters until you see a road on the right.

Follow the dirt road leading to the parking lots. You do not need a ticket – parking is free.


The Snowkite spot at Lake Resia and our school is located on the western shore of Resia beach, opposite the Belpiano cableway station.

You can find our school directly at the restaurant-chalet “My Dörf’l”.



In our opinion, Lake Resia has the best wind warranty in whole Europe after Lake Garda.


In the south-west, the heat brings nice weather and rising temperatures – usually with a high-pressure zone stable – and the wind mingles with currents making it more than a constant wind.


The north wind often comes from the lower part of the Val Venosta or Austria, accelerated by the gap between the 2500m high mountain and the Venturi valley. This wind blows all year round, even in winter.

Gambling with weather forecasts is really interesting: is the wind coming from the north east or north west? Or, will it ever come at all?

When the wind starts to blow, neither the predictions nor the direction are always totally reliable.

It is also possible that a south wind (in Venosta) begins to rise at the same time as the wind from the north and the two streams, simultaneously clashing, create a state of total wind absence.

If this is the case, it is the ideal time to take a walk.